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Extract in-depth key information and hidden insights to support business decisions with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Improve quality

Receive a detailed overview of all relevant market and business data from multiple sources to improve data quality.


Increase productivity

Save time and effort in market and business assessment with our automated solution. Obtain reports, ready to use in your presentation.

Market Intelligence is a tough, fast-paced, and volatile business.

My Story - Anatoli Kalysch

You have to keep up with current analysis solutions and find up-to-date information about key topics on a daily basis. And all that while being pressed for time. On top of that, you're facing new challenges every day. Available amounts of data keep increasing daily. Databases are updated irregularly and contain inconsistent data points. And market data for niche markets is not available at all.

Trust me, I've been there. After working in market research and market intelligence for roughly two years I know the challenges an analyst faces on a daily basis. While working on several projects in the automotive, information technology, and transportation and logistics sectors I've got to see both, the exciting and the repetitive sides of market research and market intelligence. On the other hand, while doing my Ph.D. in Computer Science and focusing on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing I learned how repetitive and time consuming tasks can be automated.

Structure · Consistency · Transparency
TΛLΘS boosts your data in business intelligence.

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All important information at your fingertips

With TΛLΘS you will no longer miss important information. Our AI Driven Data Analysis generates valuable insights for your business decisions.

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Obtain consistent and latest data

Get the latest information with TΛLΘS Insights and profit from our advanced Natural Language Processing technologies to ensure consistent data on-demand without manual effort.

Compatibility with tools

Continue working in your favourite tool

The data is not locked into our system - A simple export to PowerPoint or Excel integrates perfectly into your workflow. Data visualization is customizable and can be created individually .

Creating insights the easy way.

Processing thousands of sources, TALOS extracts key insights utilizing artificial intelligence. Our mission is to provide automatic knowledge extraction and interpretation to minimize manual effort in business intelligence. With our software solution we want to provide professionals with consistent data as well as detailed insights into market risks and opportunities on-demand. Thereby, we want to ensure efficiency and accuracy for our customer in strategic decision-making.


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